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Benefits of upgrading to Windows 10 Professional!

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Benefits of upgrading to Windows 10 Professional!

Benefits of upgrading to Windows 10 Professional!


It’s time to update to Windows 10 Professional!


Why? Because it is the most innovative Microsoft software on the market and it increases productivity completely.


What are the top benefits?

  • Start Menu

The have finally bought back the start menu from Windows 7, with additional live tiles adopted by Windows 8

  • Cortana

Highly intelligent digital personal assistant

  • Xbox App & Streaming

Gives you the ability to control the Xbox one and DVR capture for any Windows games.

  • Snap View

Run as many as 4 applications to be snapped on the same screen

  • Task Switcher

Easily switch between applications on one screen

  • Universal Apps

Can run all applications across all Window Devices

  • Innovative way to Edit Text

Allows you to draw and highlight on websites and send to colleagues

  • Continuum. Got a detachable keyboard or tablet?

Switch back and forth seamlessly from desktop mode to tablet mode.


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