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Office 365 and G Suite are both productivity tools that allows you to perform common business tasks in the cloud. Both can create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations and offer video conferencing to to collaborate with team members and provide a cloud storage system.

So, which one is better? Lets compare.

G Suite would beat Office 365 in terms of price, by slightly depending on plan comparsion from $1 less on basic to $10 less on the business plans. However, this doesn’t measure the full extent of the two suites, as there are many different variables and potential trade-offs at play here. There is big differences in important areas of the features to consider.

File Storage - Office 365 is the clear winner on entry level plans as you get a large 1TB storage space compared to a 30GB on G Suite’s version of their ‘Basic Plan’ which also counts emails as taking storage space.
However, if you move up to G Suite ‘Business’ plan, then you’ll find that G Suite is the winner with unlimited storage space, which is a very useful for businesses which are required store large multimedia files on the cloud. This unlimited feature is only available for businesses with more than 5 accounts, over-wise you’re restricted to 1TB per user.

Emails - Office 365 uses Outlook while G Suite uses Gmail.  In terms of email applications both are robust, fast and easy to use. The downside to Gmail is that is doesn’t allow you to sort or group mail, which most users will routinely use when emailing clients. As such, you may find yourself wanting to use Gmail with another emailing program to meet the needs of old habits. However, G Suite has a better offline feature compared to Office 365.

Applications -  G Suite applications are a more basic version of Microsoft applications. If extensive work is needed from the application than Microsoft is the clear winner. However, this should not deter you entirely from using G Suite, as you are able to save files created with G Suite to Microsoft Office format, theremore you can always purchase an  offline version of Microsoft used regularly and save files on your Google Drive.

Collaboration - G Suite is a bit easier to use compared to Office 365 as it is less feature packaged and markets collaborations as a key feature, while Office 365 focuses more on desktop application solutions which has a features of collaborative tools.

Voice Calls
– G Suite version ‘Hangouts’ has a better quality in calls and tend to work better than Office 365 Skype, in terms of less drop calls and less crashes, however one limitation to Hangouts is that the maximum participate capacity is only 25 compared to Skype with 250.

In conclusion –  Office 365 seems to be a clear winner in a few features from, storage (if compared to basic plans), applications, more participants on Skype, easier to share files on Onedrive, have a more natural fit for businesses that are exclusively Windows-based.

G Suite seems to be the clear winner in price, collaboration-focused solutions, simple/easy to use applications which are relatively fast with a good internet connection, good solution for businesses whereby multiple devices to operating systems are used.


So, which one is right for me? Equipt recommends to focus on a few key areas to conclude your final decision:


  • The need to edit Microsoft Office documents and files.
  • How much file storage is needed?
  • How much email storage is required?
  • The working Environment
  • IT implications
  • Scalability

Both suits offer advantages and disadvantages across the board. It is hard to determine which is best, as all user needs are different. If you are in an organisation that absolutely has to work with Microsoft Office files regularly, and is in need of advanced functionality that Microsoft provides then the natural choice would be to go Office 365. However, if you work in an organisation which received a  large amount of emails, you would find yourself drawn to the unlimited email storage offered in G suite business. In terms of a low budget requirements you may want to pick office365 business basic instead of G suite basic it has more features without having the upgrade.


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